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I bought my first pointing dog in the eighties. I was a chef and my workmates had German Shorthair Pointers (GSPs). I started hunting with them and not long after purchased a German Shorthair of my own. We hunted in central South Dakota and the birds were plentiful. This really gave our dogs the chance to show their skills. This also allowed us to show them off to the people that came to hunt around the area from other states. From that point on (no pun intended) I was sold on the pointer type of dogs and owned a couple. I sadly had to part with my last GSP after my job took me to a more metro area. She stayed behind to continue doing what she loved.


German Wirehaired Pointer

When my career as a chef came to an end and I moved back to South Dakota, the first of my three sons was born, and I purchased a German Wirehaired Pointer (GWP). I registered my dog with NAVHDA and AKC and joined NAVHDA in 1994. In 1998, I purchased another GWP who would go on to be one of the best dogs I ever hunted behind. He was part of our lives when my father and I leased 6,500 acres in central South Dakota. We were very fortunate in more ways than one during that time frame. Having a great dog, Ike, and a lot of great crop and grassland to hunt was unbelievable.


Fast forward another 15 years and it was time to add a bird dog back into our lives. We had moved again and my wife was able to devote most of her day with our dogs. The hunt was on to find our next.



We started our experience with Bourbonnais when we purchased our first in early 2017. We were lucky enough to have a breeder in our area that had been involved with Braque du Bourbonnais dating back to the early nineties and some of the first of the breed to make their way into the United States. My wife and I named that dog Pappy and he filled our desire to have a hunting dog and family companion. We were soon impressed with three things about our new dog: 1) the first being how easy it was to have him in our home; 2) next, his capacity to learn and to do it so quickly. It was the middle of winter in South Dakota so most of our potty-training was done with an ample supply of snow on the ground. When we introduced him to obedience training and taught him several tricks to keep it fun, he flew through all of this anxiously waiting for the next step and with the greatest of ease; and 3) finally, was his capacity to learn when we sent him to a trainer. He came home from the trainer a hunting machine. The dog had as much desire as any dog I had ever witnessed. It seemed that he held a point almost endlessly and he had a natural ability to quarter and stay close enough that he was very easy to hunt behind. He is now a hunting dynamo; yet still a calm, well-mannered gentleman in our house. He never misses a chance to spend the night watching a hockey game or riding around in the backseat of our pickup.


The more we learned about the breed and the people that breed these fantastic dogs, the more we were drawn into breeding them. From Northern Minnesota to Southern Arizona to Sioux Falls, South Dakota, they all have the interest of the breed in mind. Just like my wife and I, they all want to make sure that the breed maintains its standards and at the same time that the puppies all go to good homes! Homes where the dogs will be exercised or hunted regularly and made part of their families as these dogs are not intended to live their lives in a kennel unattended. 



All of our breeding dogs are PennHip Tested, are hunted regularly in South Dakota, and are professionally trained to ensure they have the skills we desire before we breed them. We will not breed any female until she is a minimum of two years old. Our breeding cycles are done with guidance from a sporting dog veterinarian for their well-being. We have three pointers living in our house, the others reside in a very large fenced-in area adjacent to our home with a specially-built building for their comfort. We live on ten acres—the majority of it is in alfalfa—so we have a lot of room for our dogs to run and to keep them sharp on their training. As many of our friends and family members would attest, these are some of the most pampered dogs alive thanks to my wife!

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