Our Dogs

All NAVHDA registered. They are Penn HIP certified.

  Congratulations Sabre on your 

 AKC Senior Hunt Test Tile  


Sire Male, Whelped 11/20/14

Sabre is our Lithuanian import, he inherited his stunning conformation from his parents (Sire IT"S THE BEST Du Pech du Cayrol- Vice World Champion 2014/ Dam HANA Mazas Brolis - Junior World Winner 2013, Vice World Champion 2014). 

Sabre is a joyful energetic dog with a great personality and an outstanding hunter with unlimited potential.

Sabre is the first male Braque du Bourbonnais to earn an AKC Hunt Test Title and recently became the only Braque du Bourbonnais to earn an AKC Senior Hunter Title and hold 2 Hunt Test Titles.


Dam Female, Whelped 1/30/14

We acquired Jetta from Stephen of Chateau Kennels. Jetta has all the qualities we were looking for in our breeding program: she is a great hunter with excellent conformation, easy to train with a great retrieve and is great at natural backing. Her easy-going temperament makes her a great household companion. Jetta is the first AKC Junior Hunter in the history of the breed.

Congratulations Maggie!  

Maggie scored a perfect 112 points and

a prize one on the NAVHDA natural ability test!


Female, Whelped 10/12/18

Maggie is a perfect specimen of a Braque du Bourbonnais. She is an inspired dog in the field and one of the gentlest dogs you will find once the hunt is over. At 9 months old, she finished her hunting training and did extremely well scoring a prize 1, 112 perfect score. She worked on all aspects of pointing and tracking and has had many birds shot over her. She scored well on her Penn HIP tests and will be part of our breeding program starting the spring of 2021.  


Female, Whelped 10/12/18

Ellie was the Alpha of her litter and is one of the bird craziest dogs you will ever meet. She is all muscle and always on the go. Ellie was trained with Tate Martinson at Martinson Red Point Kennels.  

Ellie at 10 months old tried for the NAVHDA natural ability test and although she scored a 89, she wowed the judges for the fact that she went and found 2 different sets of pheasant bouquets and she also got up a raft of ducks! Ellie was also forced fetched by MRPK. This girl has the greatest prey drive imaginable, as soon as she see us loading up the truck she goes into a frenzy!

Ellie will start breeding spring of 2021.


Fixed Male, Whelped 10/27/16

Pappy was our very first Braque du Bourbonnais. We had been researching what we wanted for a hunting dog and this one was definitely new to us.  He was a nondescript, 8 week old white pup, the last one left in the litter.  My wife and looked at each other and thought maybe we should wait until there were more pups to choose from or something more remarkable.  Then the moment that changed our mind, they brought out the Sire of these puppies  and thats when we met Sabre.  Our whole perspective changed what a magnificent dog!   
Pappy came home with us and within a few days had become one of our family.  He was always looking for something to do, a job... retrieving, learning tricks, whatever to keep engaged with his new family.  
When he was about 1 year old, he was off to hunting school and again he hit the ground running.   He is a hunting machine!  
Then when the field time was over Pappy became our house companion.  He was calm and well mannered and content just to be by his family.  This was the moment in time when my wife and I first contemplated breeding these dogs.  They were great in the field, even more outstanding in our house and there were just not enough of them available so that they were readily available anywhere in the United States let alone in South Dakota a Pheasant hunters paradise.
So even though Pappy won’t be part of our breeding program his father -"Sabre", mother -"Jetta" and half sisters Ellie and Maggie will pass on these outstanding genetics!


Male, Whelped 11/11/18

Drax is owned by Nicholas and Sharleanna. Here is a little of their story. 


"We came up with an impossible list of “wants” for a Dog. No licking, not hyper, no drooling, smart, patient with kids, good hunting dog, and CHILL in the house. Never in a million years did I think we would find a dog like that… Then we found Braque Du Bourbonnais - aka the PERFECT DOG.


Our Drax loves snuggling and being right at our side. He’s amazing and patient with our little one and loves getting attention from our girls. If you pet Drax, be prepared to be his best friend. We often joke that Drax can’t get close enough to you. The concept of personal space is lost on Drax. He loves to hang out and snuggle when we are home but can practically FLY when he’s running the field! 


Whether we are camping or out on walks or out in the field he is constantly pointing for us!"